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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Death Aboard 2
Death Aboard 2 created by Diputs.
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Death Aboard 2 is the convertion to L4D2 of the popular Death Aboard campaign for L4D. It is now set during daytime If you have problems figuring out what to do on the second level: Try looking in the sewers
Version: 2.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/19/11
Released: 08/19/11
Author: Diputs
Publisher: Diputs
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deathaboard2.vpk  
Size: 233.58MB
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
-- Levels are just the right blend of realism and fantasy: they're detailed, but also open and full of great angles to hold, corridors to run through guns blazing, and arenas for panic events and tanks. -- Tons of alternate, non-randomized paths. -- Plenty of locations where verticality plays a major role, esp. during panic events. -- A couple of nice twists on oft-used events like cranes and slowly-rising doors. -- Finale is quite intense (four randomly spawned tanks!), but it also presents quite a few opportunities to position yourself so well that you feel untouchable. There's some excellent sniping spots near the bridge.
-- It's perhaps possible to make initial survival portion of the finale too easy by camping out in the right spot. I think this is balanced out by other factors, though.
A really fun campaign that's given me several hours of enjoyment, and is added to my list of campaigns to play with friends when I can rope them into it. I can see why it's remained popular.
Unique Transportation In Ending Noon Campaign Not Too Long Not Too Short Detailed Good Idea On Ship
-Tank And Charger At The Same Time In A Small Room -2 Tank Appear At The Same Time In Final -I Push The Button,But The Door Not Opened,There Are No Horde,So I Must Use 'noclip' -There Are No Defibs
-superb level design -unique -good weapon spacing -no confusing alternate routes
-finale difficult with 3 people and 1 bot -not always defibs on finale -tanks op, tried around 7 times but never got to the rescue vehicle
Overall great map. Well designed and executed, but I'd recommend only having one tank after the second horde in the finale- maybe even delaying the time the tank when rescue shows up by 15-20 seconds. The rest of the map plays very smoothly and is well-thought out.
-funny -nice idea -final nice -all good -i very very like this map
yes this good map play now plz plz plz
- Good port of the campaign - I don't know what to say, just good.
- Not much improvement, especially the lack of many zombies. - Recommended to add 0ne defib per map due to lack of defib (maybe??).
Last Updated: 08/19/11 Version: 2.1  (Final) Views: 1,312,559
why every time I download from anywhere and I try to play always just be like an empty picture box purple box and there is a lot of reading errors
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