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L4D2 : Oceans / Islands
Update realesed. Read change log. A small beach with some houses inspired by Dead Island Riptide. There are a lot of weapons around the map and points where you can hold out. Use mods from below to get map more Dead Island feeling. Name of the map is fictional btw. Created for the GameBanana Troub...
4 days ago
Version 2.0.1 available now including fixes for prop ERROR signs and more! The survivors find themselves stuck on the ill-fated ocean liner with a ship full of disease-ridden zombies. They must make their way from their 2nd class cabin on F-Deck up to the Boat Deck where they must fight to escape ...
2 weeks ago
4/4 maps
My tribute to the Tank Fever series by Lain. Coop/Campaign: Target difficulty is Normal; Advanced and Expert are beatable. Rescue (10min) can come at 3 different places around the map. Survival: Survival with stages (a bit like Helm's Deep) Now with 7 stages, timings are relative to each stage's s...
December 2013
After nearly 5 years of work, I'm happy to bring you: Day Break! The survivors must escape San Francisco before the military bombs it! The survivors have to make their way out of the city, crossing the Golden Gate, and take a boat to Alcatraz Island.
October 2013
5/5 maps
Vpk contains two map versions, day and night, both with own light environment, fog and soundscape. Have fun with our new melee weapon, the shark stick. To start the event press the button between the pool and the sea. Check changelog for details
September 2013
Survival and Scavenger map based on a deserted island with cliffs, caves and a lighthouse. Include Easter eggs...
August 2013
Survivors have to make their final stand at the deck of a vessel in stormy sea. Inspired by original Cold Fear game.
June 2013
Hashima island, commonly known as 'Gunkanjima' (meaning Battleship Island) is an abandoned mining town located on an island West of Japan. Years of harsh weather conditions have turned the island into an urban ruin. Features a weather cycle: Every 5 minutes, the sky darkens and rain starts pouring....
You have nowhere left to run... In this map, the zombies will only spawn from one direction... Expected survival time for most team, even solo player, is no less than ten minutes... ***After eight months of searching for the origins of the song featured in the map... I finally found it!... The so...
April 2013
A remake of the Island (or Waterworld) map from the Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries. I finally regained access to my account! Horray! Oh, I almost forgot, there is a hidden room with an audio control panel to play the other mercenary themes. To access it, you're going to have to ask the old man and his ...
March 2013
Deep underwater, the zombie apocalypse has spread to the city of Rapture. Four survivors have teamed up in the hopes to escape and find a safe location. All credit goes to 2k games and Irrational Games for the models, textures and sounds. I will happily remove if need be. I am a big fan of Bioshock.
Designed by Tinchoth and textured by me, 4th part of my war saga, This time in Watergate condos at Oakland, CA. As the other maps, nav does not work because my Authoring Tools is damaged... I dont know when It's going to be fixed sorry.
January 2013
The survivors crash land on an island containing a zombie testing facility. They must find the facility, and fight through to its sub pen to escape. This is the 'second map' in the planned campaign, where the survivors happen upon the facility, disguised above ground as a normal town.
New version with lots of Improvements. Will you be able to survive through the city, the campsites, the swamps and reach the island ? Please activate GAME INSTRUCTORS, have fun !
November 2012
5/5 maps
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last minecart leaves the town, the survivors are forced to find another way to safety. A Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on Minecraft. A short-medium length campaign. For a no-mods version of this campaign, check the changelog. ...
November 2012
6/6 maps
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