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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Zombies of the Caribbean
Zombies of the Caribbean created by Dives.
Reviews (48)
In this recreation of the classic Disneyland ride, players can ride the boat, ride the boat while zombies try to tear your limbs off, or go through the ride and employee areas on foot like a standard map. Requires L4D2 Addon Support.
Version: 2  (Final)
Last Updated: 06/01/10
Released: 06/01/10
Author: Dives
Publisher: Dives
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: zombie_caribbean.vpk  
Size: 28.97MB
Mode: Co-Op,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
- Ride accurate - You can play the campaign or just ride the ride free of zombies - Great use of actual ride assets (such as sounds)
- Abrupt ending - Short, but this is only based around the one ride so it's meant to be short
If this was a bit more branched out like your Indiana Jones campaign, it would receive the same 9/10 score I gave that. This campaign is still a must-have if you're a fan of the ride or Disneyland in general.
+ Choose to Ride the boat Or Walk + Great Scenery + Players choose what to do + Custom Music + Great custom poster + Nice Zombie Props + Can explore during the ride + Smoker Introduction, Witch being sold + Playable easy map + Ample Supplies of ammos and throwables
+ Boat Ride can't go to safe room with bots + The ship should have dialogue in it to explain to prevent sudden zombies horde while exploring in boat ride
Overall I love this map alot but sad to say those who chose boat ride will be disappointed. Go read my CONS and you can try for yourself but I still prefer walking and fight with the hordes and kill them cos that's my favourite. Hope to see more of your great creation maps like this
- Ride! - Very creative and original - Ride had no glitches, didn't fall off going down hills - Scenery - Smoker at the intro, girl special infected being sold - Custom pirate sound effects - Nice poster - Clear instructions (don't know why people are complaining about no horde) - Players choice to decide what to do - Nice props - Can explore while on the ride - Re-playable
- Some areas, such as the ship could have just a little bit more detail when the cannons are fired but otherwise it's great!
A very original map, it actually gives the player the choice and gives clear instructions to what will happen. It's a nice change for a l4d2 campaign.
- Fun - Good Layout - Has custome sounds and sayings - Good quality poster - The Smoker is fun - I Have a ride - It's a ride - There's a ship - HAHA!! - Very Creative of doing this - Good! I mean awesome - HAHA!! the spitter and witch are being sell! HAHA!! - Boomer and some special infected plays musical instruments - Good Intro Nice Fuunnny Smoker though - Good Props nice one!
- Boring!! - Boring!! - The ships cannons must be firing to give some excitements - The Skybox is fake - Fake moon - Few Zombies to Kill - Easy - Not A Challenge - Just a Ride - When i shot the sky i can see my shot need actual skybox to be more realistic ride and stuff - Played it many times getting boring though - Only a few Events - Bots keeps teleporting in the boat ride - :/
Overall Good map played it many times and it is fun and really funny i didn't realize this map until i just saw it maybe a few updates and it will be awesome!
very creative good details awsome choice sound
this is a great map and if ur like me and have a group of people u often play with then ull find the easter egg like we did but its a great map i reccomend it to everyone
Last Updated: 06/01/10 Version: 2  (Final) Views: 327,514
This map is fantastic, just that the gamemaps community is crap. This is a really good recreation of the ride @ Disneyland, great job.
map,thumbs down. Scariness thumbs up.
overall,thumbs down....
Worst map ever. Sorry. Try to play chess or something.
te dejo mis dies
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