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L4D2 : Lakes / Rivers
New Symbyosys V12: 1ª: download addons vpk symbyosysv12 2ª: download addons vpk symbyosystexturesfull vercion 0.2 see in changelog play in my server 16 players supercoop [ESP]Symbyosys_Extrem ( connect must download textures not see in pink and black
3 weeks ago
6/6 maps
One Hill of a City... Left 4 Duluth - a local art and music showcase - offers four new chapters of mayhem set in this idyllic Northland city. Battle lifeless zombie hordes as you travel through UMD, Fitger's, the Skywalk, and Canal Park - where safety lies just across the iconic Lift Bridge... Our...
last month
5/5 maps
Survivors by helicopter crashed in a small town, they will have to survive in the mountains. 4 coop and versus maps campaign 2 survival maps Map 1 Small town : -extreme random paths map -3 new random panic events Map 2 Forest : -alternative random paths -2 new random panic events Map 3 Mou...
June 2014
4/4 maps
Survivors need to escape the zombies from North Korean grounds. The extraction point is good but weather isnt. Lightning strikes included. The wooden walls can be used as ladders.
May 2014
Attention pirates, if you are pirating on a pirated left 4 dead 2, you can't play this pirate map, Aye? Don't ask me why, it's secrets of the deep sea. This is a map, with a boat and zombies. idk, you figure out what you do, I just wanted to create a boat. Have fun. Bugs: Pitch black spots on wall...
April 2014
With Scavenge Mode! My first L4D map, based off of an actual location, the Wyandotte Boat Club. The Wyandotte Boat Club is an organization located in Wyandotte, Michigan, along the Detroit River, devoted to the sport/recreation of rowing. And yes, there are zombies.
March 2014
Originally conceived and heavily tested as a versus campaign, version 2 constitutes a pretty big art pass, a significant addition of custom content, and small tweaks to the geometry for both vs. and coop. Though coop is encouraged and conscientiously supported, this is still a versus campaign at he...
December 2013
3/3 maps
Updates listed in the changelog! Enjoy guys! ;) ....
November 2013
4/4 maps
REQUIRES additional addon to display textures: Half-Life 2 Texture Pack (linked below) Chapter 4 & 5. This campaign is very long and rather difficult! Be Warned! Also includes the 'Black Mesa East' chapter but compared to the rest of the campaign it's a rather short portion. Despite it's name ...
November 2013
7/7 maps
Much longer first map with a longer walk in through the forest. Cross the bridge and enter the opposite side of the Dam complex then head back across the water and in to the main complex up the elevator and to the top of the Dam for a bespoke finale. IMPORTANT Please set GAMEINSTRUCTOR_ENABLE 1 in ...
October 2013
4/4 maps
The infection has left more than a wake of dead in Beldurra. Something big is living there now, and it brings down the Survivors' chopper as they attempt to fly over. Survivors will make their way from the wilderness, through the city, and finally to an all-original boss battle finale. Beldurra 2 e...
October 2013
5/5 maps
Beldurra consists of 3 chapters that take the survivors through the already-ruined city of Beldurra and ultimately downriver to a salvage compound. Equipment and obstacles are determined in real time, both to keep players alert and to make replaying levels more fun. Features custom textures and an ...
September 2013
3/3 maps
Set in the Victorian Saltwell Park (a real park in Gateshead, UK), survivors need to navigate through it and reach the safety of the rescue vehicle. The park has been used by the military as a secure evacuation centre before being overrun by the zombie horde. There are two hidden gnome chompskis on...
July 2013
5/5 maps
Skipping Class is my first Left 4 Dead 2 project; it's a short 2-map backtracking campaign, including custom textures and custom voice over. Patch 1.4 has been released with minor gameplay improvements and a better visual appearance. Make sure to enable Game Instructor when playing this campaign for...
July 2013
2/2 maps
This campaign is a Prequel to Frozen and is the start of the 'Timeline' for my campaigns. The survivors are stuck on a cargo ship that is infested with zombies so they get a chopper to help them... Soon the chopper crashes leaving them in a military outpost, then after escaping the outpost they fin...
June 2013
3/3 maps
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