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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Facility 13
Facility 13 created by raulness & dustpup.
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UPDATE 5/12/13: Survival mode added (BETA)! Difficulty lobby added! A research/barricade based game inspired by rimrook's 'Let's Build a Rocket!' with an added twist. Players must build barricades to protect themselves, while using gas cans as fuel to unlock weapons. MAP NOT WORKING? There seems to be some issues with other VPKs not playing nicely with my map. If you're getting crashes or the game just won't start, temporarily DISABLE any other add-ons and RESTART L4D2. SEE CHANGELOG for latest updates.
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 05/12/13
Released: 05/12/13
Author: raulness & dustpup
Publisher: raulness
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: facility13.vpk  
Size: 10.72MB
Mode: Co-Op, Survival,
Difficulty allows for many strategies to come into play and requires high levels of teamwork. Build times for barriers and other elements are reasonably balanced. Not too many special infected to get in your way. Two layered difficulty (Main game difficulty and the lobby within the map) for the playstyle you would like.
Bots' pathfinding could be enhanced a little. They like to stay outside of the helicopter even when you're inside. Oh jeez a tank... oh no not 2. Wait a minute 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 0_0 Yeah for some reason when I play this map I sometimes get a ridiculous amount of Tanks coming and smash up my team. Not sure if it's the server I was on or the map though.
Despite the ridiculous but rare tank raid and the bots this map is solid. The concept is rather fresh and demands teamwork which is rarely seen ins some custom maps. Special infected don't come too often which is good. They usually only come at the start of the round and then every now and then in between. The difficulty room was also a nice touch to fine tune gameplay. Overall a great map, good job!
Divided into difficulties, very well balanced and ensures replayability. Focuses on gas cans and scavenging, something not that used in L4D2. Basically scavenge, but with research and your own team.
Bots sometimes fall off the ladders and have sometimes have a hard time picking up weapons, however they can usually take care of themselves. Tanks don't come by themselves, they need to be alerted.
A mix of survival, campaign, and scavenge, currently one of my favorite custom maps, I rarely play much research/barricade gamemodes, but this is impressive! I'd recommend playing on normal though, as the tanks will come quickly and need some teamwork to take down. It's no surprise this took a prize in the contest!
+Great concept +Fun to play +Cool looking finale
-THE HELICOPTER NEEDS TO MUCH FUEL!!! (-1) -Barricades take to long to build (IMO) (-0.5) -Can't equip normal pistol (-1)
Really fun map and great concept and looks outstanding if you can put up with this minor complaints then by all means download away! :)
+ Reduced building time* + Layout + Reduced equipping time + Extra supplies + Bots grab supplies themselves
- Hordes never stopped, they last a long time. - Specific special infected spawned at specific spots - No pipebombs or bile jars in the machine - Bots fall and die
**********With bots on normal difficulty.*********** I suggest all the gas picking spots out there be connected with each other. IF possible, extend the suspension between the hordes(Mobs+a tank) or shorten the time horde lasts. Specified spawning is bullying. Concerning the reduced building time, its a fact that the developer valued our time; but the loop of mobs and tanks on the other hand denied that fact. That gas spot in the middle of the gate, has nothing around it. There was nothing for the bots to take shelter and watch my back. It's just out there on the ground and when I tried to grab the can I was the sitting duck. Don't try to make the map hard, but instead make it enjoyable. Finally If it's just me feeling the onslaught is too heavy and the delivery is toilsome, blame the Bots. Mapping: 9.5/10 Event: 6/10 Experience: 6/10 TOTAL: 7.1 EXTRA: + 0.5 (for the goodies and reduced building time.)
- A hybrid building/scavenge system - The map forces you to be proactive and not camp - Difficulty seems in the sweet spot - A smart move making bile and pipes rare, giving you only the molotov! Bile is a life saver on this map. - Forcing players between purchasing items and funding their escape route adds depth.
- Some items seem priced too low; unlimited defibs for 3 makes things far easier than they would be otherwise - The defensive structures only occasionally feel worth constructing - Gas cans can be permenantly destroyed in accidents, but piles do not regenerate, which can render the map unwinnable in a disaster - The bots like to jump off the really tall stuff to their doom frequently - some landings to break the fall could be helpful! - Bots cannot use the gear acquiring buttons, forcing you to buy a second item to toggle and "drop."
So far of all the other Let's Build maps I've gotten a chance to check out today, so far, my favorite bar none is this one.. there's a few quirks here and there (The SIG won't be active unless you have modded or used a change level, for example, making the most expensive item shoot blanks) but overall, I definitely had the most fun with this one. Smart design decisions encouraging a proactive role in building your escape is a huge help. I was able to play the map fine with bots by using the "Buy an AK47, then buy an Uzi so you can toggle and drop them" route, but it made things rough. If you could make the items appear/drop instead of transfer directly to the character purchasing them, you would vastly improve the single player or low-player co-op experience! It's rough having to manually buy medkits and pills for each bot. None the less, these are mild things that can be repaired. I wish you good luck!
Last Updated: 05/12/13 Version: 1.1  (Complete) Views: 85,988
We also have crashes when new Player´s join the game. Very funny and cool map otherwisethat crashes suck . TRY TO FIX PLS !!
I got a workaround. If u start a server, go offline and be sure to start it "friends only". The server chrashes when someone wants to join.
This map is ultra annoying, crash after crash...u can't have fun more than 20-25 perc cause here comes a crash ! U start over , u gather cans , unlock some weapons yet another crash.. WHY CANT U FIX THIS???
One of the hardest maps ever
Man, do another one :D
And please fix this if u can, the game keeps crashing after a while and it's very bothering after u unlocked almost every weapon and you have to start over....
Great map, but there is a problem with joining players. Often the connection is interrupted, when a 3rd or 4th player is joining to a running game. Then the game falls back to the lobby. This is very annoying, because you must start the game with 4 players, or you wont reach the finish. Please fix this!
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