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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Hidden Maps Unlocked
Hidden Maps Unlocked created by Rayman1103.
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I've unlocked the hidden Survival maps, and hidden Scavenge maps that Valve made. All credit goes to Valve for the maps. Now you can play on the following maps: Rollercoaster Survival (map c2m3_coaster) Shantytown Survival (map c3m3_shantytown) Return to Town Scavenge/Survival (map c4m3_sugarmill_b) Town Escape Survival (map c4m5_milltown_escape) Waterfront Survival (map c5m1_waterfront) Quarter Survival (map c5m4_quarter) The Alleys (Scavenge) (map c9m1_alleys)
Version: 5.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/14/12
Released: 08/14/12
Author: Rayman1103
Publisher: Rayman1103
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: hidden maps.vpk  
Size: 0MB
Mode: Survival, Scavenge,
Environments: Miscellaneous / Other,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
Last Updated: 08/14/12 Version: 5.0  (Final) Views: 93,139
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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Hidden Maps Unlocked