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Crash Bandicoot: The Return of Dr. Cortex created by James Davis (LordShoot2Kill).
2.0 Update now available with many bug fixes, new sounds and longer maps :) Crash Bandicoot: The Return of Dr. Cortex, is a campaign based on the amazing Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation. Survivors will have to travel through various levels to collect crystals for Dr. Cortex. Also included are a couple of survival maps and a scavenge map too with working warp room. - If the campaign freezes or crashes shortly after gameplay starts try disabling anti-alias or disabling other addons -
Version: 2.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 10/22/12
Released: 10/22/12
Author: James Davis (LordShoot2Kill)
Publisher: LordShoot2Kill
Maps: 7/7
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: crashbandicoot1.vpk  
Size: 162.23MB
Last Updated: 10/22/12   Version: 2.0  (Final)    
este mapa esta chetisimo loloolololoollololoolllo ajajjjjjjjajajjajjaajjjjajjqajjjajajajaajajajajaaaaa aaa añ`´
Okay, I need to find the music you used for the final boss bit! Please! It's very important!
+Nostalgia +It was fun +Awesome Cutscenes +Catchy Music
-Textures were jagged -It was really difficult -I got lost quite a bit
In the conclusion it is still a awesome map and if your a retro fanboy you will want to download this map!
+ Nice Textures + Music and sound effects given + Awesome Maps + Cool movie sequences
- When I fail the last stage, the world is going to explode, then i just return to the lobby.
One of the greatest maps i've ever played
+P-E-R-F-E-C-T! +Awesome campaing! +Tons and tons of pure fun! +Playing online is absolutely awesome! +The ending is pure awesomeness!
-Really??? -I didn't found more words to describe this masterpiece!
In conclusion: This is the most awesome campaing for this motherf***ing game! Such a masterpiece!
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