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By: Marc Machi­ Gil (2) Add-On: Map Maps: 3/3
08/16/12 ========= List of improvements: - Three maps campaign playable in coop and versus modes. - Three survival maps. - New campaign intro. - Custom textures and music. - More detailed maps. - Fixed navigation bugs. - Improved direction indication. - More weapons, items and ammo. 02/22/12 ========= No revision notes have been added by the developer.
08/16/12 Version: 5.0  (Complete) Size: 202.94MB File: l4d2lastsummer5.vpk
<> This is my first campaign. 3 custom maps based on real places from Spain (coop only). First map is about my neighbourhood of Valencia. Second is the place where I used to play with my band. Third is the place where I spend my summer holydays. Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Last News: Since Valve's last update, and because some models and textures used in this campaign were deleted, you will need to download and install 'Valve's Missing Content Fix', linked below.

best map in left-dead
I do not share this author's obsession with car alarms or idiotic gauntlets. Enough said.
Then don't play my campaigns, you have a huge amount of other fantastic campaigns available here. Enough said.
Flor Azahar???
Cassa d'Anna (Ferrobus 2)
how do I play the games.
I think there is a thread in the Community section of the web that explains it very well. You need to download the file, put it on your addon folder, and then in the game menu select the game mode and the custom campaign you want to play. As I said before, it is better explained in the Community thread, just look for it.
I only played the final map, it was okay, my biggest problems were that the helicopter moved away to slowly, all of the roads had corners which were 90 degree angles (not realistic) The lighting is off(look at the nice lighting in Yama) and it looks like you just copy pasted all of those buildings in the distance without taking into account that there should be differences between them,
Just a few things:

- The movement of the helicopter is that slow on purpose, so the final tank has time to get to the survivors.
- The 90 degrees angles are made on purpose too. If you try to model a map by your own, you'll understand why.
- I've played Yama several times, and I've seen it's lighting, but one thing is to look at it and other thing is to know how to make that lighting. Source engine is really bad for developers to work with the lights, it's very difficult because you can't see what you're doing in real time, you need to try and fail, and try again, and some times it doesn't even deserve the effort.
- The buildings in te distance are different, they have different heights, textures and shapes. Of course they are more "generic" than the main ones, but I tell you the same I said before, if you try to make a map by yourself, you'll understand why.

Anyway, thanks for playing and I hope you play the rest of the campaign and tell me what you think about.
The trick is to soften these areas with foliage, place a tree or two or a shrub on the corner and it will immediately look less rigid. Placing walls and plants around buildings, raising or lowering the buildings' positions and rotating the buildings will immediately give a sense of variation. Also that hill needs more plants too, at the moment it looks very bare.
Yes, but that way they won't look like the original ones. This campaign is based on real places.

Maybe I'll rotate some buildings on the skybox, that is a good idea.

I can't use all the models I want, there is a limitation, so I can´t make the skybox as detailed as the main map zones, because the engine don't allow me to. There are some tricks, like using fog, but I didn't want to make a foggy map.

Thanks again for the feedback! :D
I found the place it is based on using Google maps and going from memory regarding the pool and how the buildings are positioned :) What I mentioned in my previous comment applies, you need more trees, buildings and roads

Carrer Enrique Torres Gómez, Valencian Community, Spain

use google maps to look at that in satellite view and zoom in as close as possible, you will see what is missing. Hope that helps you.
You were really really close, but that is not the address, and that's not the pool neither. Instead, look for this one:

Carrer la Pechina, Valencian Community, Spain

As I said before, I would like to add more buildings and trees and everything, but, first of all I don't have more models and don't want to repeat the same ones over and over, second it doesn't deserve the effort (most of the players don't look at the skybox for more than 10 seconds), and third there is a limitation set by the game engine.

Anyway, in the next revision of the game I will try to improve that skybox somehow.
I see, it looks quite similar though :P Okay, so I looked up left 4 Dead 2 curving roads on youtube and there are lots of tutorials. The problem is that the roads are not the same as what I see on the map. Maybe you could improve them so that you do not have those arrow straight 90 degree turns? You also need traffic circles and more trees :)
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