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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Last Summer
Last Summer created by Marc Machi­ Gil.
Reviews (39)
<> This is my first campaign. 3 custom maps based on real places from Spain (coop only). First map is about my neighbourhood of Valencia. Second is the place where I used to play with my band. Third is the place where I spend my summer holydays. Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Last News: Since Valve's last update, and because some models and textures used in this campaign were deleted, you will need to download and install 'Valve's Missing Content Fix', linked below.
Version: 5.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/16/12
Released: 08/16/12
Author: Marc Machi­ Gil
Publisher: Non_Essential
Maps: 3/3
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4d2lastsummer5.vpk  
Size: 202.94MB
Really good 1st map, albeit it could be more straight Challenging Good looking environment, some decals are looking really nice Works well as a lullaby
Idiotic Gauntlet on 2nd map (Nürburgring has less turns than that warehouse or whatever it was) 3rd map... I don't remember anything more boring than this 4 Crescendos on 3rd map caused by... dunno, motion sensors? Smell of Bill's beard? It wasn't anything I could see or hear Shitload of alarmed cars Bots failed with getting into chopper
Way, WAY better than Escape From Valencia. Still, I don't see any replayability potential here. Unless you have problems with sleeping. And one note: despite all it's boringness, it took me 85 minutes to finish this campaign - exactly the same like in case of EFV. Well, at least I laughed at the end :)
good campgain long good intro
wished there were more maps or a new bonus map added to this like last summer(deleted scene)or something^^
- different - good bot nav - not completely linear - nice urban setting, quite realistic compared to other campaigns - many cars to climb^^
- first map was a bit open, wide streets with some cars but only few buildings to explore or burricade in - ran in circles a few times - finale too easy
This is a nice campaign - with some flaws but also lots of potential for further improvement. You should add a few more arrows in map 2 and 3 so people dont get lost so easily. If you want them to see all the places you recreated maybe you should move some barricades and change the route to include these areas, make the maps more linear again. Most areas look a bit to clean. Car wrecks or not, there should be more damage. The final needs a lot more zombies. Even with three stupid bots and two big tanks on that small roof it was a piece of cake. Maybe you could let the helicopter veer away (hope this is the right term) when a tank enters the rooftop ... the tennis court would be nice place to land... and maybe the other survivers are already onboard and help you fight off the hords at the pool... just a thought. I would've rated this campaign a solid 8, but after "theshwag"s unfair rating ...
- Nice setting - Map 3 looks great - Not really linear, lots of things to discover - Tons of car alarms make it a bit more challenging - The long run to the alarm button was nice
- Generic "Streets at Night" first map - Extremely easy, boring, uncreative Finale - Bots went crazy in Map 2, most of the time even being unable to clime some ladders or just standing around like idiots
I don't get most of the complaints. I never got lost or ran around in circles. There are more than enough arrows and walls and floors to show you the direction. But then again i prefer big, open maps with stuff to discover over simple, linear Call of Duty Style Maps. I can second most of the other complaints though. The finale is just so boring and generic. Why not spice it up? Give us something visually impressive and let us really fight to survive. I played with 3 Bots on the second highest difficulty and it was a cakewalk. There are enough Pipebombs, Weapons and Medpacks to make all Tanks looke like Fools. Maybe also let the Helicopter somewhere else and not directly next to the Survivors. Other than that, it was quite good and i enjoyed it. Keep up the work, improve it and i bet your next map will be a lot better :)
-A great big map to explore, if your the survivor or even special infected. -Lighting is well done -Two words: Dem alarms. -Re playable -Great effort put into making it look like the place you had visited
Nothing really, i don't care about it having a weird ending.
Overall This map is great and has a good replay value which you will always enjoy, unless you played it for the 15th time. Great job and keep growing strong! regardes from CrimsonfFrieght
Last Updated: 08/16/12 Version: 5.0  (Complete) Views: 304,929
I ' m have along vacation
best map in left-dead
I do not share this author's obsession with car alarms or idiotic gauntlets. Enough said.
Then don't play my campaigns, you have a huge amount of other fantastic campaigns available here. Enough said.
Flor Azahar???
Cassa d'Anna (Ferrobus 2)
how do I play the games.
I think there is a thread in the Community section of the web that explains it very well. You need to download the file, put it on your addon folder, and then in the game menu select the game mode and the custom campaign you want to play. As I said before, it is better explained in the Community thread, just look for it.
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