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TF2 : Space / Planets
This map is a 'Awesome Map' Stickman Gaming Owner, Mr. T Dog said, this map has a heap of awesome stuff, Boxing ring, Unusual Room, Battlements, raffle/spycrab room and a Admin room with an Elevator!
January 2014
MAY I MAKE A SUGGESTION? SUBSCRIBE! From the Creator of Minecraft Skyloft comes Doomship. CTF Duel on two ships, Red and Blue. Think this is gonna be easy? Thank again. Each ship has their own Sentry located in the Hull guarding their intel which is surrounded with Breakable Glass. Why not bu...
November 2012
Credits : ZooL (Creator) Komaokc (Sky) Mic_ (Models, i've modified some textures) Nintendo (Creators of Mario, Sounds, Music) Luigimario (Yoshi Planet)
June 2012
koth-style map of the axiom spaceship from disney's wall-e. Though it's highly unfinished i feel it stilll has a lot of potential. This was originally built and submitted for GameBanana's kepler-22 contest. Cheers! CT
May 2012
A remake of the classic low-gravity deathmatch map DM-Morpheus from Unreal Tournament. This version of Morpheus features a custom skybox and central spawn rooms rather than scattered spawn points, as well as large crates placed about to provide more cover. Although the original had screens displayi...
Doctor Nuriel
April 2012
I converted the map from the VMF has provided in the source sdk of Half-Life 2 DM, it would have taken me a week to the compatibility and fixed some bugs. Hope you like it ! :D
March 2012
Spirits first map for Rw still has lots of work to do. A 2Fort based map set in a techie space station type enviroment, with two tunnels at each base intersecting at a center room. Close quarters to mid range map. recommended players, (8 to 12)
December 2010
This is a remake from Q3F/ETF of the popular map 'Stag', by the Q3F development team. A 5-point CP map. Stag has been or is currently being played in STA and UGC. The final version of Stag was released on 4/19/2008.
July 2010
Gundam White Base type of defense. Sneak into the other teams side to take over the base. Gundam course, Cannon Gun, fully reproduce the familiar mobile suits and tank guns dispenser featuring halloween characters that move with mascot.
January 2010
Capture and defend 'The Hill' from the enemy team. First team to hold 'The Hill' for a total of eight minutes wins.
January 2010
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