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TF2 : City / Urban
***HOW TO FIX ANY AND ALL MISSING TEXTURES/MODELS*** In the changelog, there will be a link to a construction pack... download and install this...
Updated Complex D, adjusted all in-room textures, changed RED respawn and other little changes. Have fun! ;)
April 2014
Versus Saxton Hale map. Looks like a secret laboratory, where Red must fight with Hale (another freak) like group stripping fights with monster. Enjoy.
March 2014
lately several people have been using my maps, but some of them say that maps like river are too big. so because of the size of river many people get low frames on the map. after some thinking i have chosen to create my version of the popular map trade plaza. i started at 8pm and finished the map at...
January 2014
This Map was the 2nd Minecraft map i started over a year ago. since river was created for a smaller server, town was crated a lot bigger to fit for many more people. however since we hardly have that many people on our testing server very often, demand for the map was very small so the project got p...
October 2013
Simple in structure map. There is 4 little worlds: 1 main world with respawns and 3 other (combine base, aperture room, desert)
August 2013
Halloween may be over but the hauntings just begun. Simply capture the hill amongst the dead if you dare!
January 2013
A CTF map set in a barren city. Capture the intelligence before the other team does! Try and find all of this map's secrets!
January 2013
Hey everyone, here's the map I've been working on for the past week or so! Manndarin is a Mann vs Machine map set in Hong Kong. The robots can take one of three paths for each wave, forcing players to adapt their strategies. I haven't been able to test it properly yet, so please give feedback on th...
September 2012
a small Trade map with a CP, a 'Duke's Library' at the middle, and a teleporter to get into a Arcade Room !!! Include * Pistol, Shotgun, Rocket-Launcher, Pipe-Bombs, Explosions, Item Sounds Replacement * Eduke32 Textures, Real Size Duke in the library with working Taunts * 2 Musics : 'Stalke...
May 2012
Join the construction crew in this unique KOTH map. A bit different take on koth with a moving control point. Try it out and see what you think!
April 2012
i've ported cs_italy in TF2, and added TF2 stuffs, i've added CS:S props and textures, cartooned some textures, fixed and scripted the rest to look like TF2. then here is my CS_ITALY ported from CS:S Have Fun
April 2012
The blue team has docked their aircraft carrier at the red co cannery, to investigate suspected cases of blue fin tuna poaching.
October 2010
This map has been trough 2 big beta tests, played it on a lot of servers and made the map less sniper friendly, added a building on ccontrol point b, 70 seconds setup, faster respawn if A is capped, better balance, made the fps better, added more details, retextured buildings, other skybox and more.
January 2010
King of the flag is a simple anarchistic gamemode where both teams fight over 1 intelligence. To win, you must carry the intelligence for the set duration. It effectively becomes a mobile capture point. Simple enough!
January 2010
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Team Fortress 2 Maps City / Urban