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TF2 : Desert / Sand
Originaly Released in: 2013-12-23 One of my first maps of which I've actually finished! (yea, is supposed to look this simple, trust me.) This map is unoptimized, but when teseted on my very slow PC it ran great! There is a control point version available on gamebanana (it's actually the main vers...
last month
This is a large 4-point Payload map set a long winding canyon. The payload makes its way from Blu base at the high end of the canyon down to the first point, through a mining tunnel to the second point, around into red base for the third and fourth point
May 2014
Simple in structure map. There is 4 little worlds: 1 main world with respawns and 3 other (combine base, aperture room, desert)
August 2013
This Is the Biggest and Best Update of the Map. I spend a lot of time in it. Soo Please Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!1
August 2013
A king-of-the-hill map set inside of a child's sandbox. The sand has been used to make small buildings that house the hill, spawn points, and other goodies. Have fun getting your hands dirty with this one!
August 2013
An KotH map set in an Egyptian tomb, if you may have guessed. An KotH map set in an Egyptian tomb, if you may have guessed.
April 2013
Relieve the old gaming days of TFC Badlands with this convertion of TF2 Badlands to a CTF! - 5 CP are removed UPDATE! v1.1 -Removal of spawn points from the spawns when you had the middle and 2nd-to-last cap points. -Middle-of-map (train area) spawn rooms are now enterable and contain a resupply loc...
March 2013
Warpath is a 5 capture point map that could be one of the most balanced maps of all time. Valve really made a gem for TFC when it comes to this map. This map represents just that, a classic.
March 2013
CP_Ferrum is a single-stage attack/defend map with three control points. Blu has to attack a Red facility, culminating in a fight over a radio tower. Plays well with low or high playercounts. All assets are packed. Have fun!
January 2013
Desertion is a 2CP map similar to Gorge that I styled after Upward. There's a development thread on TF2maps--just Google it if you are interested.
October 2012
The idea behind the strange cappoints is to provide a different experience to the player, making strategic choices when approaching and capping a point, instead of the standard flat surface all standard 5cp-maps consist of. Middle point is rounded and has 2 different levels of height from which play...
May 2012
KotH map with the CP on a moving train A KotH map where the point is on a train that moves across the map. The train movement does not depend on point ownership or anything else - it just goes back and forth through three different areas, pausing at each end. To prevent sightline along the track fr...
May 2012
Two sides are the same with a ravine in the middle. There are three planks to cross it. When you fall down your dead. The map is not too big but perfect for some epic deathmatch action. It has a 3d skybox and a nice warm feel to it. Server running Deathmatch 24/7 >
May 2012
This is the final release of a little map which made made for the intention of KTSA boys slugfest only nothing else, but the author released it nonetheless.
April 2012
This is HL2 DM Barneygulch map now in Team Fortress 2! Nullen wanted to make this a trade map before making it a ctf map. Spawn points have been placed all over the map to prevent spawncamping.
April 2012
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Team Fortress 2 Maps Desert / Sand