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TF2 : Industrial / Commercial
A Payload map created by taxicat for Team Fortress 2.
June 2014
This is a large 4-point Payload map set a long winding canyon. The payload makes its way from Blu base at the high end of the canyon down to the first point, through a mining tunnel to the second point, around into red base for the third and fourth point
May 2014
Updated Complex D, adjusted all in-room textures, changed RED respawn and other little changes. Have fun! ;)
April 2014
Versus Saxton Hale map. Looks like a secret laboratory, where Red must fight with Hale (another freak) like group stripping fights with monster. Enjoy.
March 2014
Scoring: - once the Warehouse and Labs are captured, the final point (inside the base) unlocks. - enemy teams re-spawn 5 seconds faster once their Lab has been captured. Features: - flying UFOs to shoot from - bases are two story hallow skulls - sniper towers with elevators - working security camer...
Dan Houser 82
February 2014
Corn Farm is a single-stage payload map. I didn't make any custom content, so there shouldn't be any in it. Edit: Updated to RC.
November 2013
This Is the Biggest and Best Update of the Map. I spend a lot of time in it. Soo Please Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!1
August 2013
An alpine themed Payload map with rollforward, rollback, and dynamic gate elements. BLU must assault RED's base to uncover their hidden explosive stockpile and disable it. CP 1 and 2 both have gates that BLU must destroy when they cap the point in order to proceed.
March 2013
Boundary is a single stage payload map in the same vein as Badwater, but with a snow theme. Special thanks to Rexy for the custom explosion, Tyker for the snow cart model, and FLSH for the Knifeback Mountain poster.
March 2013
Hey, thanks for taking a look at this. I wanted to try some new stuff when it comes to gameplay. I feel that this map accomplishes what I set out to do. It's somewhat small, but that increases how fast-paced it is. There are also many different pathways to take; lots of things to hide behind. Becaus...
March 2013
by Nathan 'Volcomator' Ybanez Grey Mann has located one of Mann Co's top secret bases on a mid-ocean oilrig! You can be sure his eetsy beetsy teeny robots will be happy to burrow into our top secret hatch and blow up our top secret base! Stop them! Objective: Defend Mann Co. from the the evil robo...
March 2013
CP_Ferrum is a single-stage attack/defend map with three control points. Blu has to attack a Red facility, culminating in a fight over a radio tower. Plays well with low or high playercounts. All assets are packed. Have fun!
January 2013
Snow themed, two point, attack/defend map (like cp_gorge) - with a hint of the construction pack. This is a penny arcade community map over 2 years in the making that was started around the same time as the artpass project competition. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Be su...
November 2012
Desertion is a 2CP map similar to Gorge that I styled after Upward. There's a development thread on TF2maps--just Google it if you are interested.
October 2012
This map is a fast-action cp map. Made for low-ish gravity servers (200-400). This map throws the players straight into the action, making the rounds short to medium range and never boring. The map started out as an orange map, but was turned white because I thought it was a more pleasant color. T...
May 2012
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