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TF2 : Caves / Dungeons
This is my First Mann Vs. Machine Map. i created this map in about 6 months. I have also created custom waves, and events for this map. other maps i have made: Trade Minecraft River ctf Cobweb also there is a Youtube trailer for sandstone. you can find it on my channel (Haxiclesticks) I hope you...
September 2013
A KOTH map set in the high mountains. Hold the point for 4 minutes to win the game.
September 2013
Simple in structure map. There is 4 little worlds: 1 main world with respawns and 3 other (combine base, aperture room, desert)
August 2013
An KotH map set in an Egyptian tomb, if you may have guessed. An KotH map set in an Egyptian tomb, if you may have guessed.
April 2013
A 5-point capture point map set in an abandoned mine. Crystals have grown over the control points; whichever team claims a point will see the crystals match their team color!
March 2013
Skyloft Minecraft, on my TF2? It
November 2012
It's one of my first maps released. I'm not very proud of it, but it's very fun to play.
April 2012
The gamemode is king of the hill for tf2. The map is small so max players should be around 0-24. A tf2 map with zelda wind waker textures. hope you enjoy it. Special thanks Valve making tf2 Nintend making zelda windwaker
July 2011
Old school thought driven, in Egypt theme, 4 cp progression (gravelpit style)
June 2011
portal map i uplaoded here because original site had to much problems so anybody who want it here u go not my map though so give author credit
Eugenio "Motanum" Roman (Uploaded by Motanum)
March 2011
This is my shot at rebuilding the start of MGS to a Arena map. I have added two new ways in and out of the docks and prison that is not in the original game. -Underground docks (Blue Team start) -Helipad Area -Tank Hangar -Prison Area (Red Team start)
October 2010
A mid/large sized CTF map taking place in an underground city (under a desert/Egypt like region). Texture theme is stonework and rock; this map is a fair bit darker than most TF2 maps.
July 2010
Both teams begin in the bottom of a collapsed mineshaft, they need to work their way up-towards the quarry surface, take control of the 'foreman's former office' and push the opposing team back into their own mineshaft.
January 2010
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