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TF2 : Arctic / Winter
Originaly Released in: 2013-12-23 One of my first maps of which I've actually finished! (yea, is supposed to look this simple, trust me.) Thi...
July 2014
lately several people have been using my maps, but some of them say that maps like river are too big. so because of the size of river many peo...
January 2014
-size reduced by 30 mb -14 songs now -ghost train added -unlit textures fixed -reduced fog to improve fps -stability increased -easter e...
January 2014
River is a Minecraft themed TF2 map which I created in 2011 as a design test. I wanted to see if I could recreate a Minecraft themed map that ...
September 2013
Boundary is a single stage payload map in the same vein as Badwater, but with a snow theme. Special thanks to Rexy for the custom explosion, ...
March 2013
A 3-point control point map based in a frozen wasteland and made by another of our students. Stay warm while you fight on here!
March 2013
Frostwind is my second map, taking place both inside and outside in the snowy north. Created from scratch within 30-ish days, We encountered n...
December 2012
Snow themed, two point, attack/defend map (like cp_gorge) - with a hint of the construction pack. This is a penny arcade community map over 2...
November 2012
An arena map taking place on a snowy mountain. Has several buildings and tunnels.
May 2012
The arrangement of these Forerunner fortresses seems to imply that, perhaps, this canyon was once a military training ground.
April 2012
A festive version of my clan's deathmatch map, Cosmic Castle. Features cheerful music (Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells), a huge christmas tree (w...
April 2012
Here is a one stage payload map for Team Fortress 2, this map is a winter themed map which is covered in snow which definitely gives this map ...
April 2012
H.A.A.R.P. (the High Frequency Active Auroral R.E.D. Project) is stationed inside a huge Red base built in the side of a cliff. In the snowy A...
April 2012
A frost map / ice map. This is very identical to the one in Counter-Strike.
April 2012
The author always wanted to make this map into CTF or capture point style map but didn't know how.. well he found how to convert old maps.. th...
April 2012
This is an snow variant of Valve's 2fort, one of a series of variants of 2fort at various times of the day. The water in the sewers is frozen ...
April 2012
This is a winter themed, small, good for 1 on 1 fights, arena map in mountains called Ural.
April 2012
Capture the flag in this deserted town. First map by one of our guys at nP. Hope you have fun with this one!
April 2012
This map has been created by : deadlychunk We would be very thankful if you give us your feedback! Instillation : C:\Program Files \Steam\ste...
August 2011
Arena railyard is a small size snow theme map, originally a CP game mode now ported into more fit Arena
February 2011
A remake of the original Trade Plaza from 'the asylum' By Taina Imatake Adding and Rearranging some parts of that map made for the winter holi...
December 2010
Titan has six Control Points. Both teams start with 3 Control Points. There is no neutral CP. All control points have to be taken step by step.
November 2010
CSS Classic Map iceworld Transplantation tf2 Enjoy the of winter!!!!!!!!!
October 2010
This is my shot at rebuilding the start of MGS to a Arena map. I have added two new ways in and out of the docks and prison that is not in the...
October 2010
at long last. i finnaly finished Version 2. nothin mutch has changed, but detailwise i made it look a llot more profesional. heres the change ...
September 2010
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