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TF2 : Military / Outpost
nonPareil Institute's very first MvM project! Fight wave after wave of Gray Mann's robot army in this brand new map, inspired by the invasion of Normandy on D-Day and created by some of our excellent crew members! Current Missions: Normandy- Normal Mission Beach Raid- Intermediate Mission with har...
2 weeks ago
Versus Saxton Hale map. Looks like a secret laboratory, where Red must fight with Hale (another freak) like group stripping fights with monster. Enjoy.
March 2014
A KOTH-based map themed around the medieval times! Perfect for supporting roles as well as full-frontal assaults, this map was created by one of our awesome crew members!
Warpath is a 5 capture point map that could be one of the most balanced maps of all time. Valve really made a gem for TFC when it comes to this map. This map represents just that, a classic.
March 2013
A well made KOTH map based off the Meet the Medic video created by Benjamoose.
April 2012
This is a remake of the epic TFC map 'Murderball' created by Chris Thorsten. Run to the center of the map and grab the ball. Try to keep it as long as you can! Your team will score a point for every 10 seconds you hold the ball. Score 100 points to win the game!
April 2012
I converted the map from the VMF has provided in the source sdk of Half-Life 2 DM, it would have taken me a week to the compatibility and fixed some bugs. Hope you like it ! :D
March 2012
Titan has six Control Points. Both teams start with 3 Control Points. There is no neutral CP. All control points have to be taken step by step.
November 2010
The blue team has docked their aircraft carrier at the red co cannery, to investigate suspected cases of blue fin tuna poaching.
October 2010
This is my shot at rebuilding the start of MGS to a Arena map. I have added two new ways in and out of the docks and prison that is not in the original game. -Underground docks (Blue Team start) -Helipad Area -Tank Hangar -Prison Area (Red Team start)
October 2010
4/23/10 Skrimage is not meant to look good. it was ment to provide a quick to start war between players. from bot testing in the early stage of the map it wasnt very good. the new version 3.1 has added rock structures to provide the cover.
This map features a trench with wooden border as well as underground networks. The maps is well lit and combines setting with playability.
January 2010
No where to run, no where to hide. Deathmatch up close and personal. Unreal Tournament comes to TF2!
January 2010
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Team Fortress 2 Maps Military / Outpost