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    Damn, this is a lot worse than I remember it being. 1 chapter long and fairly large in size. Overall too many damn hordes for my liking, bots failed to get out of the train when I went out, they just stood in the operators room and didn't help me when pinned. Bots tend to suicide near the beginning. Got a random server crash midway through the train ride. This campaign does have some good ideas, like the completely unpredictable weapon distribution, that's really cool, the author tried to make it a replayable map, but if it's unplayable with bors, think I'm going to have to pass, I'd stick with Absolute Zero.
    • not a problem, just clarifying what history I still remember of Soul and his content.
      who knows, maybe good old Dave could improve it.
      just making sure we're on the same page.
    • Just my opinions, didn't have a fun time playing, I thought I remembered it fondly, but I guess not, horde spam is not fun to deal with, especially since it's unavoidable, and if the bots aren't willing to co-operate, that also leads to an unfun time for me. Nothing against you truten, just going through campaigns I "haven't reviewed yet" and re-reveiwing them. If people don;t agree with me, that's fine.
    • considering Soul removed all his content from here and the workshop, versions were limited... kind of a poor review, in my opinion.
      we just uploaded what we had for archival purposes, thanks to Dave's own archives.
      so I don't know if it's an older version or was the last known latest at the time.

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