L4D2 New MLP Menu Icons (The Last Stand Update)

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new mlp menu icon...

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Version 1.1 Complete

  • Guide
    How to Customize Your Own Bot's "Intelligence"

    Well, everybody sure knows well about how L4D2 vanilla bots work without any bot mods. They can be helpful, but during panic events or players getting caught by special infected, they move like clueless beginners. That sure is frustratin...

  • Mod
    GM-94 (Grenade Launcher) {Sound Add Ver}

    GM-94 (Grenade Launcher) {Sound Add Ver} GM-94 - 43x30mm Russian Pump-Action Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher skin. Left 4 Dead 2 M79 grenade launcher replacement skin. scripts More add hud icon Damage increase 3+1 = 4bullets Add...

  • Mod
    Thompson M1928 Tactical Custom S.W.A.T (MP5N) [...

    Thompson M1928 Tactical Custom S.W.A.T (MP5N) [request] Thompson M1928 Tactical Custom S.W.A.T 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP Submachine gun Skin Left 4 Dead 2 Counter-Strike: Source weapons Heckler & Koch MP5N SMG replacement skin...

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  • Mod
    Survivor's Item Swap and Drop

    As described on the title, this simple mod only has 2 main features, "Item Swap" & "Item Drop". These two feature are probably vital features, but unfortunately until now L4D2 never adds such features. So, with this mod, you can freel...

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