Lumbridge Castle: Survival

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  • Garloz

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    +If you played runescape back in the day you might find this a little more fun
    + The castle is pretty well put together even if the distance is just the ground being raised.
    + Fun choke points for the zombies
    +Fun chaotic moments, even though it was small that just made the intense moments even harder. 


    -Limited space, once on the roof its very difficult to cover all areas or fight a tank on the tight ledges. 
    -No problem with pill because ive counted over 35 different places you can grab them.
    -Dont even get me started on attempting to play solo
    -Hardly ever saw the special infected because they could hardly ever get to us
    -Zombie spawn points did not make sense


    I would definitely scale this map much larger. I know its based off of a castle from a game but you can make the rooms much much larger. I felt like I was playing inside a small box. I would put less gas cans just laying around in certain areas. Also the zombie spawns seemed a bit chaotic. If you hid up on the roof I saw almost no special infected. The smokers, jockeys, etc.. All got caught on the second level roof wall. If they spawned outside the castle and tried to get up over the walls they almost always got stuck. It was a fun map to play a few times but I will await the final result, I look forward to it.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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