garand script + hud

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  • new clip size cause it orginal m1 garand clip size
  • 150 damage this damage trigger me


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Version 1.0 Final


  • Guide

    How to Configure Toggles in "Merciless Survivor...

    This time, I would like to give you some guides about how to configure toggle features in one of my bot mods, " Merciless Survivor Bots ". The toggle features are located in L4D2 game folder in "......\left4dead2\ems\mercilessbots\mercil...

  • 5 Maps

    洞穴之旅 Cave Tour RE

    The four of them drove to the outskirts to find an ancient tomb, but found that someone had arrived first, and they had to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible... 四人驱车前往郊外寻找一座古墓,却发现有人捷足先登,他们...

  • Mod
    • Updated

    Dual bwp Desert Eagles (Dual pistols)

    Dual bwp Desert Eagles (Dual pistols) Dual blue and white porcelain Desert Eagle Mark VII - .44 Magnum pistol skin. Skin replacement for Left 4 Dead 2 Dual pistols SIG-Sauer P220 SAO (45 ACP), Glock 26 (9x19mm) scripts More add...

    • Updated
  • Mod
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    Girls Frontline MOD V5 smg replace rpk16 (request)

    Girls Frontline MOD V5 smg replace rpk16 (request) Girls Frontline MOD V5 smg replace rpk16 Light Machine Gun Skin. replaces the Left 4 Dead 2 UZI SMG. scripts More 90 bullets sound FIX skin - HCHA - Girls Frontline MOD V5...

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  • Guide

    How to throw gas cans farther

    Do you need to throw cas gans over something but cant reach with the normal M1? then this guide is (may be) for you, this method also applies to the Coca Cola, Chompski, Propane Tanks and Fireworks. This is an easy task when your staring...



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