Quieter Chainsaw Sounds

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  • DamageIncM

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     - Nice to your ears and head.


     - Sound becomes a bit weaker.


    I'll be honest that I don't really know what (or how loud) a chainsaw like this sounds like. But although the audio is lower in volume now, it's also on the weak and unimpressive side. I honestly couldn't care less if I couldn't hear someone talking, I can usually barely hear them anyway. But it does help hear the in-game sutff better.
    So I wonder if the audio for the chainsaw could rather be replaced or maybe even edited.
    I wish I could get my hands on the original audio-file and tinker with it, cause I work with audio a lot.
    The audio from Valve sounds clipped and thus distorted, which means it's often harsh and not dynamic. If the original audio IS clipped, it should be replaced, if it's not, it can be made better a lot easier.
    This is a useful mod, but it also kind of removes the power from the chainsaw, at least in terms of sound.

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