Left 4 Dead Modified: Dead Air - Scriptless Edition (Co-Op + Versus)

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    Okay, so I have some thoughts after playing this version. I played this custom campaign in it's original form back when it came out, so i noticed the changes made since then (idk how I remembered what was different, usually my memory is trash.)
    On chapter 2, there's this little "pulley" (idk what else to call it) to bring down the ladder to access the "balcony" (I guess) right after you leave the saferoom, this was also present in the old version, albeit with different hint text (why is there so many hint texts in Left 4 Dead's code anyways, lol.) There's a new doorway on the crane panic event which doesn't really change anything tbh. There appears to be a nav issue when shortcuting between the fence and the ledge (if that makes sense) the bots I'm guessing think you're down below and just hang off of the ledge that leads to the area below right outside the safehouse.
    On the Mega Mobs version I was forced to take the alternate route to get outside which was interesting. I'm unsure if this is a product of Director 2.0 or not, (maybe) as in this version, it was normal.
    The finale is all opened up now which is an interesting change, although it doesn't change how I play the map lol.
    I'm curious as to why you decided to move the plane crash event to when rescue arrives, as I think it's just way more noticeable when it happens after leaving the safehouse. Everyone is so stressed getting to the vehicle that they probably won't notice it apart from the loud ass sound.
    Now there's two issues on the finale that I noticed. The plane; the bots (both survivor and infected) refuse to acknowledge it's existence. Smokers will try to grab survivors through it, and survivor bots will continuously shoot at infected bots for the entire finale that loiter behind it. This wasn't a problem in the Valve version and should be fixed. The other issue which I believe is a holdover from Valve's version (and I have no idea if this was addressed by TLS team or not.) There's a specific spot where a tank can spawn and get stuck, pacing back and forth. It's hard to describe the exact location; if you're facing away from the finale radio, it's in that general direction towards the saferoom. (Irrelevant, but this can also happen to bot tanks on The Last Stand campaign.)
    Now despite the campaign being described as scriptless, which don't get me wrong it probably is, it still includes the custom sounds. Now it's not really a big deal, but seemingly for people using a custom infected sound script, this will clash with the campaign, crashing the server (see attached image.) I think you should also remove the custom sounds in the scriptless version.
    Overall I have no idea what's different between the normal version and the scriptless version, they both play exactly the same, apparently this doesn't contain custom infected? (idk what that has to do with scripts, maybe population?)
    Still rated a 9 because this version of Dead Air is fun and plays well, the issue with bots on the finale should be addressed though.
    After some though I decided to leave my negative review of the mega mobs edition, as I still think it's pointless even though there are multiple options here. 
    Speaking of the options, I imagine it might be a pain to do, (idk I've never mapped b4) but you should try "distinguish" the versions. By that I mean have different mission file names and map names so the versions don't clash with each other. Now this isn't a problem when playing with friends, however, when trying to play with randoms, you won't know what version they're playing, so if your versions don't match, you won't be able to play with them, which is a big issue in my opinion.

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