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  • JezMM

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    + Great and original atmosphere and aesthetics, I certainly got a british vibe from it.
    + Great spread of items.  Precious ones like the tier 3's and defibs are easy to remember when/if you need them, and the rest is nicely placed with several points of access.  While I was not always necessarily able to grab what I wanted in an emergency, I was always able to grab SOMETHING, which actually nicely adds to the desperation of the moment.
    + Lots of good holdouts and easy navigation, not to big, not too small.


    - Just two small aesthetic issues really - there's no ambience inside much - would be nice if the birdsong etc while setting up got a little quieter inside etc.
    - And secondly, just a very very minor thing, the use of the porta-toilets is just a little atmosphere breaking thanks to the clearly american phone number printed on the front.  Super tiny thing, just depends on how english you wanted to make it look as possible lol.


    Overall great fun map with plenty of atmosphere that's indeed very reminescent of The Last Stand.  Lots of choice, yet easy to navigate and perfectly proportioned.

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