mt. airy survival

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  • enzocool98

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    -Excellent map design: very realistic especially with the crashed plane.
    -Balanced amount of weapons and supplies.
    -L4D1 survivors.
    -Custom props
    -Screamer at the 3rd floor. 


    -Could use a version with L4D2 characters with the L4D1 characters as AI.
    -The map is a little tight: a few or more houses would be great.
    -NAV mesh could do a bit more work: NPCS get stuck at the sofa on the second floor and sometimes won't pick up items and ammo upgrades.
    -The Tank doesn't arrive sometimes: the music starts and just fades.


    This map will be well worth your time and worth trying.  The map design and the prop placements are great, there are just enough weapons and supplies,you play with L4D1 survivors, a few custom props and a nasty surprise at the third floor. What would be better is a version where you play as L4D2 survivors and the L4D1 survivors are just there to help you out. The map is also a bit congested: one or more houses would make this map even more awesome. The NAV mesh also needs improvements: the bots get stuck on certain areas. The tank also doesn't arrive sometimes: mainly because it gets stuck. 
    This map is awesome and should be tried out by everyone.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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