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  • JezMM

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    + Fun colour scheme.
    + High quality textures.
    + Having the cutie mark on the tie is a really neat idea.


    - The elaborate back design, while high quality, feels a bit much, especially considering the first aid kit covers it the majority of the time.
    - I also think the bright blue trousers are a bit overboard and messy in terms of visual design.


    While I'm not into the show, my friend who usually plays Louis is; so thought I'd download for fun (and frankly I'm just desperate for an outfit for Louis since I have alternative skins/models for everyone but him, but no-one makes any interesting/amusing ones for Louis).
    I think it'd be neat if you could make a more subtle one with just the pink shirt and tie though (no elaborate back design).  I know it's in Pinkie Pie's character to be overboard, but just a less offensive-on-the-eyes one would be nicer to use on a permanent basis.

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