Jill Valentine (Rochelle)

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Only ell v2 (request)

    Only ell v2 (request) ell v2 - ellis Skin. Replaces all survivors L4D1(bill,francis,louis,zoey),L4D2 (nick,coach,ellis,rochelle) with only zoey Credits: skin - Deniss_ [ell v2 - ellis] skin,sound edit - l4dkk 9.vpk files are ...

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  • Guide
    How to "jointeam" in l4d2

    In versus singleplayer (offline), there's a secret cheats or hack that I wanted to share with. It's "jointeam". The "jointeam" allow you to choose which team you wanted to play. Types of "jointeam": "There are 3 type of jointeam" -"jo...

  • Mod
    Killing Floor MP7M Medic Gun (UZI SMG) [request]

    Killing Floor MP7M Medic Gun (UZI SMG) [request] Killing Floor (2009) Heckler & Koch MP7 - 4.6x30mm Machine Gun Skin. Skin replacement for the Left 4 Dead 2 UZI SMG. scripts More add hud icon Damage increase 20 bullets sound...

  • Mod
    Wesker Voice for Nick
    Beta N/A

    A voice mod that replaces Nick's voice with Wesker's voice from Resident Evil 5 (DC Douglas). Created with certain allies in mind, as Wesker will refer to Coach as Chris, Ellis as Jill and Rochelle as Sheva. It's a little out of characte...

    • Updated
  • Mod
    [L4D2] Gotenks Fusion Failed (Safe)

    Replaces: The Monsters Without (L4D1&2 End Stage) I laugh my ass off to see Goten and Trunks doing the Fusion Dance in the WRONG way! Audio from Dragon Ball Z EP251

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