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    - Good quality skin overall
    - High quality textures
    - Unique compared to other general M16 skins
    - Pretty colors


    - None that I have seen


    I have no interest in My Little Pony. I do not like or hate it. However, I am sick of negative reviews being put on MLP skins just because the reviewer does not like MLP. This is a good quality skin, as are many of the others. It is unfair for their ratings to be lowered simply because of people not liking MLP.
    I used this skin, and I will probably use it on occasion simply because it is cute colors and I like pretty things. Sometimes I think that L4D is dull, boring, and too dark. After playing a game for hours and hours, I like to put something fresh and unexpected in it.
    My only suggestion is that the gray seems to be very dull when next to those vivid colors. I am not sure what other color to suggest to use instead, though. I do not know a lot about any of the ponies. Maybe an off white or something? I don't know. Just my thoughts!
    Nice skin and I look forward to seeing anything else you decide to make.

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