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    Extremely good custom-made icons that're done to a very high standard of quality and also portray the survivors accurately.
    A very nice a desirable replacement to the old stylised icons, a fresh new take that's quite welcome.
    Eranthis's style is consistent throughout, and using this mod along with more of their custom art mods feels natural and the other pieces of custom artwork do not clash with this one.
    Features the sort of 'encroaching shadow' around the borders of the icons like the originals, which serves to keep in tone with the themes of L4D.
    I have a few mods that replace survivor icons with something else in order to more fitting for the mod's texture, and this mod does not seem to conflict - I retain the other mod's custom icons for the survivors while the survivors I haven't modded use Eranthis's icons, which ensures the best of both mods.
    Especially good job with the L4D1 survivors.


    I feel Coach and Rochelle's icons look a little odd, although this could just be down to personal preference or how I perceive Eranthis's style.


    A fantastic replacement for the old icons which're all quite appealing to the eye and are undeniably extremely well done. Great work Eranthis, and thank you for uploading this and your other custom art mods, which're consistently of top-notch quality throughout.

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