Blue Teenangst Zoey

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  • shayla17

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    Ooooh i think i might get this mod just a missing piece read the ratings and reason on the conclusion part skip cons and the pros


    You havent got what i wanted yet not that i hate it its just your missing a piece 2 pieces of course


    i need her to have long black hair blue eyes colourful socks replace this zoey for bill and your perhapes done
    i give this rating 9.6/10 because im pretty sure your missing the point of my piece and you should all know by now of my favourite pieces of zoey thanks so much for the effort i LOVE IT just get the download of the missing pieces for me and your done thats it just 1 download with 2 pieces for god sakes

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Version 1.2 Complete

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    Zalgo Tinky Winky Hunter

    Zalgo Tinky Winky is from that Slendytubbies 1 mod called ''Slendytubbies 6 the fogs'' from 2016, which also some downloads of it had a trojan in it

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    Dart Bullets for Shotguns

    Dart bullets are more accurate and powerful. However, there is no bullet scatter, so shotguns are more suitable for long-range fight and less useful is close combat. There are 4 files: - for pumpshotgun; - for chrome shotgun; - for...

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    Teen Angst Zoey AC/DC Fixed

    AC/DC inspired version of the classic "Teen Angst" Zoey model This version of the model is still based off the proper fixed version You shouldn't have any problems with any custom items or weapons Zoey's clavicle bone weights have bee...