Dry County

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  • Dusty Mining Town
  • Custom Melee Pick Axe Weapon
  • Sandstorm effects
  • Custom Event Animations
  • 3 Survival Maps
  • Original Custom Campaign


  • OWM2_M_B

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    Basic campaign with a few issues. The design can't interest me, but it's not below average and is acceptable. The visual details are so-so and kinda rough overall, mainly because they look monotonous and samey, and there're few objects in each room/area. However, this campaign has no fatal problems, and its desert theme is still unique today. Not bad considering this is beta version, hope you can make it more detailed, interesting and less bugged in future updates :)

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Version 0.0

  • 7 Maps
    Demomania 2
    Beta N/A

    i dunno what i put description here Musics Used: Boombots Bonus theme (in demo4_quiz) crash bandicoot pinstripe potoroo (in demo6_hotel)

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  • 5 Maps
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    Only Genshin Impact Chiori (request)

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