Braeburn pump shotgun

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  • Totally not a Brony
    Totally not a Brony

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    - Braeburn!
    - Inadvertantly fits well when playing as Ellis, who I play as all the time anyway
    - Was my request
    - Like your other skins, does a great job of staying balanced between "Pastel non-serious ponies" and "S---justgotREAL apocalyptic survival"


    - It's difficult to see most of the changes on most maps' indoor sections regardless of lighting (Though that's likely the fault of the Source engine, not yours).
    -With the default cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor it's hard to see the text or pony on the side of the gun, but this problem is easy to overcome by lowering the command's value
    -Next to impossible to see the shell change (though it's near-impossible to see the shell regardless of mod)
    (all of these cons are technically invalid... *shrug*) 


    GREAT job on this skin, and being my request it's about 20% cooler in my view anyway.
    Thanks. :D

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