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    + Very nice color choices.
    + Looks good in any light setting, dark to very bright.
    + Normal maps.
    + Good quality.
    + Not a simple copy+paste.
    + Cutie Mark Crusaders emblem / logo.
    + Says "Cutie Mark Crusaders," along the side.


    - The bottom of the magazine has a line of orange / lighter purple on it. It's not very noticeable and you hardly see it, but it's still a little nitpick of mine. - 0.0
    - Front / barrel of the gun isn't colored, but when I saw it matched other parts of the gun it didn't bother me anymore. - 0.0


    Very nice! In my opinion it rivals the SCAR-Lestia and any other SCAR reskin / remodel on this site. I'm in love with the warm colors and the attractive way they are used.
    10 / 10!

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