Cutie Mark Crusaders Show at Whispering Oaks

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    Fourth poster *is* Babs.
    Almost... excessively thorough. (Y'know that graffiti that you only read when your teammates are taking forever to load/keep going off to do things... read it)
    Reminded me that the CMC theme song is badass.
    Seriously, it's astoundingly thorough.


    Not the mod's fault, but I like the Midnight Riders too much to use this for any purposes but annoying my non-brony friend when we have LAN parties.
    The songs get cut off weirdly when tanks show up. I suppose there was no real way to avoid this, but it's just weird.


    I thought this was a horribly dumb idea until I tried it (and, honestly, I only tried it because I thought it was a dumb idea), but it actually is extremely well done and *extremely* thorough with its replacement of all things Midnight Riders. The weird song cutoffs detract from it a lot, though. 

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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