L4D2 Menu Music - LifeGuard Theme Piano

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  • Snozy

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    -A great theme of hopelessness that L4D2 direly needs.
    -It's on my Main Menu!!
    -Goes great with the DI background Menu mod.


    -It doesn't play the song in full, so it abruptly resets. I'm sure the original song on the menu was just as short, so you can't make it play forever without stop.
    (No point deduction since the song plays long enough to enjoy it)


    Great song, I recommend this to every Zombie fan! It keeps me on the main menu longer just to hear it. Can you have the song fade out at the end so it doesn't just stop suddenly and replay? Also would like to hear it just a little bit louder :D
    Thanks for this awesome mod! I'm keeping it until I'm dead!

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