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Version 1 Final

  • Mod
    Autumn Camo Medkit

    Another camo texture for medkit. Autumn yellow camouflage looks like autumn foliage. It also can be a desert camo medkit, because color is pretty suitable for desert maps.

    • New
  • Map
    Cursed World [BETA] 1.3
    Beta N/A

    Explore an ancient, gothic world infested with an unknown curse. Try to survive and clear it if you can!

    • Updated
  • Guide
    como colocarse en tercera persona facil y rapido

    para colocarse en tercera persona primero coloquen la consola en el juego si no saben activar la consola pueden descargarse este mod copien y peguen en su navegado este mod xd https://www.gamemaps.com/details/5252 después de instalar el ...

  • Mod
    Military Sniper Rifle modified weapon script

    Military Sniper Rifle aka in short MS modified weapon script Ok now to stats that are changed Recoil is little more higher then Vanilla MS MaxPlayerSpeed-210(unchanged) BulletPiercingNumber of Layers-17 BulletPiercingPower-5200 Bu...

    • New
  • Mod
    Bridge Destruction

    Add the bridge of The Parish on the maps, when you get close, this bridge will explode because of the jets (each explosion attracts a horde of zombies) Maps where the bridge appears -Swamp Fever - Map 1 -The Passing - Map 3 -Cras...

    • New