Nightmare House 2 Flashlight Mod

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  • DamageIncM

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     - Brighter
     - Larger
     - Nice detailing


    Some people might not like the detailing.


    I think this a great improvement over the original light. As said, it's brighter, so it's a bit easier to see, cause even up close the original light was pretty dim. Maybe it might be a little over-bright at times, but that only makes it more real. The spread is also a little larger, so it covers a bit more surface in front of you.
    And, although some people want a mod that removes it, I really like the detailing is still in there, it makes it more "real" in a way. It also still gives a bit of a creepy look or something with that detailing, when you shine into a zombie's face. :P
    The only thing I wish that would happen is that the light wouldn't be limited to a projection on the wall, but also bounce off and light up the rest of the area a little. But, I guess that technology is just not in this game/engine. Who knows the third game might have it...
    Anyway, very nice this one. :)

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