Auto shotgun reborn

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  • ZombieHuntah

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    -Custom Model
    -Custom Sounds
    -Custom Animations


    -Model (See Conc. for details, -0.4)


    This is a good skin. It's the same type of gun, but it has a different look (which are my 2nd favorite type of skins). I like the extra shells that are on the side of the gun, very nice touch.
    Now, the reason the model was listed as both a con and a pro is because sometimes, the model seems a little cartoonish. It does look nice and it does look nicer than the default model. But get rid of the cartoonish quality and it would be perfect!
    And the flashlight on the gun looks kind of unusual, but I won't count it towards the score. I can get over the weird looking flashlight model.
    I'll still use this mod though. Very awesome mod.

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