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    + Nostalgic
    + Pretty accurate with breakable objects
    + Plenty of places to defend from
    + Good distribution of supplies
    + There is a way to get to each weapon without having to go past another (so that bots don't take a weapon type that you don't like)
    + Rochelle in the ticket office...?
    + Some Miniguns and Heavy Machine Guns are at good locations.
    + I find it fun playing in the map's skybox.
    + L4D1 Survivors


    - No laser sights
    - No ammo upgrade packs
    - Only one Scout and AWP
    - Safe spots
    - No knife


    A Charger once came into the starting area when I answered the radio. It knocked me onto the fence, where I was safe from most Infected.
    At the bomb site where you can find the assault rifles, the bush closest to the guns is a safe spot. Bots get stuck there when they jump onto it.
    Part of the rails at the Terrorists' starting area can be passed through.
    This map is really fun to play in, and it makes me wish there were more survival maps like this.

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