Blade Runner Revolver - Deckards Blaster

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  • AlfredENeuman

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    Deckards Blaster Version 2

    I've always loved this gun, nice job!  The other thing that would make it even better was if the ammunition looked better.  OK, what you just read referred to the original version of this.  This version looks quite a bit different and it also deserves even higher praise (the original got 4 out of 5 stars, which is a very high score too.)  I love the sound (it sounds even more powerful than the first one) and it sure looks futuristic as can be, but the front sight is virtually non existent, so that's my only complaint.  Overall, I must say I like it even better than the original one (though the original had a duller color closer to that of the gun in the movie.)  However, after watching Blade Runner recently I noticed this one has a bolt on top of the gun which the other doesn't as I recall, so other than the color (the gun in the movie was black), it is a match!  Kudos!  I like the better looking ammo on the new one too, and this version is definitely got about the most awesome sound around.  This gun is perfect if the motif you are looking for is that the game takes place well after the year 2009.

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