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    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      *REPOST Really fun campaign with lots of custom elements to it, doesn't follow traditional L4D rules for the most part and the new stuff is pretty cool. I think the holdout event on chapter 1 could be shortened a little bit, it drags on for quite a while, but that's just a personal pet peeve. Quite a long one too, you'll probably be playing for over an hour in total. I really appreciate the game instructor hints because this campaign would be a lot more confusing without them. There's also two points in the campaign with a sort of "choose your own difficulty" which is always neat. No issues at all that I could find, pretty well made campaign with wacky map design, good stuff!
    • gobkung01

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      Good map when play with friends

      - challenge
      - choose your own foe
      - bots too stupid (like another custom map)
      - too little nevigate sometime
      5 it too insane haha

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