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    • AmazingNep02

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      Horrible, Hehe Style Campaign

      1/5 stars, This is a trollish horrible map, no clear direction, after finding 5 friends horde is WAYYY too long, then after the saferoom, it was just a "finale" with auto killing turrets, then rest is just trollish. Wouldnt recommend to play unless u want to torture yourself.
    • shol7

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      As usual

      Thank you 晨晨
    • TheH5N1

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      In the Spririt of hehe

      As a campaign, it gets two stars for the following: as said before, unless I'm wrong, from the makers of, or in the spirit of the hehe series. If you like pain, and ambiguity and frustration and using the console, and love no-clipping... it gets about two stars. 
      If you wanted something like the hehe series, then this gets 5 stars easy.
    • Emersonrick

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      A Goog Job

      - Huge maps full of very beautiful color and detail
      - All major weapon types available (m60 rifles and autoshotgun)
      - Easy to puzzle puzzles without frustration
      - Unable to play only with bots without using console to bring them to us
      - Bots die all right on first map down elevator stairs
      - Next to last map, the elevator door did not open and it was impossible to continue without using sv_cheats noclip
      - Final map Bots do not enter the rescue, being obliged to kiká them to complete
      Final considerations:
      - This is one of the best campaigns I've ever played. It has a lot of difficulty in several phases and it requires constant restarts. Playing alone is not a valid option unless we use the console to help. Using day and night has made this campaign more realistic in time, this is a rare quality in the campaigns created out there. What made me most happy in this campaign was that the creator put all kinds of weapons in it, I never understood why many authors only use "smg and pump shotgun"! Using rifles and autoshotguns helped a lot between hordes and the numerous Tanks that appeared. Anyway, I give 5 stars because it really fulfilled the minimum requirements I require to play campaigns, but if the author adds instructors in this campaign, it will surely rise to the concept of many players. Thanks.

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