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    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      Well does the sequel improve upon the original? Yeah sure.... Is it worth playing now? No. The author made an actual level to play through before the finale holdout, but it's extremely barren and uninteresting. This campaign takes about 10 minutes, which is double the original. Also the ammo pile on the finale is fake.
    • DHenk

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      Very simple Map.

      A very basic map likely made by someone new to creating maps. 
      It'll take just a few minutes to run through the map (you can only go one way with zero chance of getting "lost").
      Finally is on a street with the bad guys coming from two directions. No way they will be able to get close.
      Just keep shooting and when low pick up a fresh gun. Vehicle shows up you drive off.
      Note that this is very similar to Exhausted Dead Life (1). 
      Would have been better to just built on the original version.
      I still think both maps are by someone new.

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