Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Survival Tips:

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

When you play this game, here are some tips to know. 

1. If you are playing with the AI, then if they all have Pain Pills, or the adrenaline, Take your pain pills or Adrenaline when you find more of them. So If you have Pain pills, you find another one, take the one you have, and replace it with that one. It will help and be useful. 

2. Avoid shooting each other.
To avoid shooting each other, you must be able to avoid the Line of Fire. Even in Expert. Shooting your teammates can be critical. With the Shotgun, it will be really critical to your health that you have. If you play expert, With the AI, avoid shooting them during this. The AI could help you out. In multiplayer, Try to all shoot in a different place. And make sure where you are shooting. To avoid doing so much damage, don't use a shotgun since that can make your teammate go down. 

3. Conserved Health
Say your at 10 health. Without the temporary boost. You have Pain pills and you have to conserve them. If you go down, then wait for a teammate to revive you. And then take the Pain pills for more health. It is temporary, it might as well give you some more health. 

4. Finale
When in expert, the Finale could be really hard to do. A single Tank could knock you down with 1 hit. Tanks do Really Critical damage when you are hit by them. This will happen a lot in the Map, The Sacrifice. Try to all team up together and you might be able to help each other. 

5. Connection:
When you get Retrying Connection, The game still goes on. If there is not a good connection, it then becomes way harder to win. Be sure to be aware of the connection. 

Thank you for reading this. 


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