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Top 5 Things about Louis in L4D1

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Here are 5 things you don't know about Louis in L4D1.

1. Louis does know other valve games which are TF2, HL, CS and i thing theres more. Including L4D2!  Yep! That's right! But he doesn't seem to react when he saw the L4D2 survivors in The Passing. But he does react if you replaced the L4D2 survivors in one of the L4D2 maps with L4D1 survivors.

2. The beta version of Louis has a tougher look than the Louis we have today. But since the voice is too strange for the beta Louis, they decided to change it.

3. Louis' job isn't a business man but actually a manager. So yeah...

4. Most of you guys may know this but some of you may not. Louis loves PILLS HERE!!!

5. Louis is actually injured in The Passing. But we don't even know how. Did Francis shot one of Louis' knees to stop him from stopping Bill? We still don't know. You will hear Zoey from the beginning of The Passing saying "We lost a man and the other is injured" so yeah. Louis is definetly the injured one.

If you already know one or more of this facts then ok.


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