Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Top 4 Facts about Ellis (my favorite character)
Here are top 4 facts about my favorite character, Ellis!

Fact 1
Ellis seems to be the youngest survivor in the team. Not really too young. It's a true fact.....

Fact 2
Ellis' favorite weapon is a Grenade Launcher. Yep. he loves weapons that shoots explosives. So that means he also loves RPGs. Which shoots rockets.

Fact 3
Ellis is the only survivor that tells stories about his buddy Keith. The 2nd one is Zoey.

Fact 4
Ellis seems to make a reference to Clementine from TWD Game. But more like an male teen version. Clem is maybe not annoying but Ellis does says stories about Keith. Keith which has a name reference to Clem's old friend Kenny. The rooftop camping story is a reference to where Lee and his teammates tries to like, escape the rooftop and like, avoid the... Ya know... Sorry. don't watch TWD gameplays that much.... Anyway, both of them also wears a cap. Looks the same but Clem's cap is pretty purple and has the letter "D" infront of her cap.

Thats actually all i could know though. Don't forget to leave a comment ma' friends!
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Penny_Penguin December 2017
Ishigaki-san December 2016
did he like snipers? cause everytimes i play singleplayer, in guns store or a place with sniper rifle, he just pick it up.
ClassicDante December 2016
Fact 5: He starring in Shrek is Love, Shrek Is Life :D BEST YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ALL TIME!!!!!
dimon564 November 2016
Fact 4 is not a fact its fanfiction both games made in diffrent times
fingeriteloo October 2016
is ellis younger than louis if he is than ellis is the youngest survivor in the series
MrSoldier115 November 2017
zoey is the youngest