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Top 5 Facts about Nick

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Here are Top 5 Facts about Nick!

Fact 1
Everyone knows this but Nick is the most MEANEST character in the team. The reason why is that when Ellis called the helicopter a "whirly bird", Nick wants to hit Ellis so hard, Ellis' "sister" wish to never gave birth to him. Theres also one where Nick wants to shoot the biker dude. Yep. Francis. But Nick's mean words was beaten by Zoey infact xD Anyway, Onto Fact 2!

Fact 2
Nick is the only one who don't want to get his suit dirty. You can hear the part from The Passing in pretty much in the underground where Rochelle says "Hey Nick. Splash fight?" and then Nick replied "DON'T YOU DARE!" so yeah. I think it's because his white coat was very expensive.

Fact 3
Nick apologizes to Ellis about what he did to him. It's really embarrasing and sad at the same time to me though.

Fact 4
Nick actually has very bad memories about the marrage gone soooo wrong. You can pretty much hear Nick saying "That wedding dress. And crying! This brings back some bad memories...." in the campaign called "The Passing". The Passing okay? Not The Parish. THE PASSING!!!!!!!

Fact 5
Nick seem to call Rochelle a sweetheart. But i'm guessing Nick just doesn't want to be mean to her.

Fact 6
For those who don't know what Nick's type is, is a JACKASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!
What i meant to say is, Nick is actually a gambler.

Welp, this is all i know about Nick that you guys pretty don't know. You guys do know the 1st Fact of Nick right? Don't forget to leave a comment!


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