Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Top 4 Things about Coach
Hey everyone! I'm back for more L4D2 Facts! This time, its about CHEEZBURGAHZ!!!! i mean, Coach! 
One fact has been crossed out since DarkWolf said Coach is just a father figure in the team.

Fact 1
You guys might already know this BUT i'm doing this anyway.
Coach is actually the Leader of this team rather than Nick. Since Coach actually has the attitude of Bill, he will make a better leader than Nick. But since the developers of this game put Nick from the top of the "Select Characters" menu, even i think Nick was the leader when i first played it.

Fact 2
Coach seem to have a real name than the name Coach we all know. But since he was now called Coach, w now don't know what his real name is. His real name should be the guy that got Coach's look or the one that voices Coach. Maybe you guys already know his name. Right? Maybe it comes from a L4D2 Comic or something... Let's continue...

Fact 3
Coach has been the oldest member in the team. Which is one of the reasons Coach is a leader and not Nick.

Fact 4
Coach has a wicked swing on chainsaws. As seen in the trailer, you can see Coach using pretty much a chainsaw from the part where they get into the elevator and from the end of the trailer.
But since bots don't use chainsaws, Coach would rather use pistols. Or a melee weapon except a chainsaw when you set sb_max_team_melee_weapons to 4.

Fact 5
You guys already know what Coach's job is so heres another one.
Coach loves to eat! You guys might already know this one either though. So this makes it Top 3 Things about Coach huh? Ok. I'll stop it from here. Don't forget to leave a comment ma' friends!
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Prester64 October 2016
Why does everyone hate Ro?
BurldKrissis October 2016
Coach was Chad Coleman
ahmedali1 July 2016
ok :)
ahmedali1 July 2016
BurldKrissis July 2017
DarkWolfSFM June 2016
Additional Fact 1: Coach has a big heart and a healthy appetite, and a wicked swing with a chainsaw. After a knee injury ended his career as a defensive lineman in college, Coach salvaged his Physical Education degree (barely) and landed a job teaching health at the local high school in his hometown of Savannah. Working as a defensive coordinator for the freshmen tour team might not have been the best path to a pro coaching career; but it’s come in pretty handy in guiding a group of Survivors to safety. Coach has watched his beloved hometown get ravaged by infected—now it’s time to deliver his own brand of Southern hospitality. . And to clear out about Coach being a leader, he is just called on as a father figure to the team... No one runs a leader in the group, Valve as said it in their wiki... :)
DiamondOreAttacker June 2016
No one runs a leader.... Ok. Kinda thought he was the leader since he's nicer than Nick. Thanks for that.
DiamondOreAttacker June 2016
i wonder when DarkWolfSFM would post his additional fact....
BurldKrissis July 2017
i really think coach is a leaderrrr