Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
How to kill a Tank(definitely not a Versus guide)
Ok so this is a list of what you need to do and NOT to do when fighting a Tank

To do:

1. Use your andrenaline shot, it will help you outran the Tank(If you ask me then yes, it can help you outran THAT BITCH too).

2. Rifle/SMG are the best primary weapon to fight a Tank, so pick them up when he appeared(if you are near to weapon drop).

3. Most effective throwable weapon against him is molotov and bile bomb. (*)

4. Lure the Tank to a wide ground(egg. the stage on Dark Carnival), you got better chance to fight him there.

5. If you're the one being chased by the Tank, keep running, after you got far away enough, the Tank will change his target(the mechanic on this guy is easy to learn, he will attack the nearest survivor).

6. When he picking up boulder, hide behind some obstacle.

7. The best tactics for fighting a Tank is hit and run, throw a molotov/bile bomb, then ran off for some distance, kite him, repeat the second step, then kite him, then repeat.


1. NEVER fight a Tank when you're in a crowded space. He will murder your team.

2. Don't use shotgun, meelee weapon, it will make you become an easy prey for him.

3. Don't even think about flanking him with shotgun or meelee weapon, he'll turn his back and hit you in no time.

4. Don't try to fight him when you're near some building edge. He can send you flying off the edge, which mean you die immediately.


1. Grenade Launcher give you decent damage on him, but it's a double-edge sword. If the Tank get close enough to you, the Grenade Launcher gonna hit you too. 

2. Sniper Rifle is a good weapon for long range attack, but if you're using a bolt-action sniper rifle, it will take you about 2-3 sec to load another bullet. And consider the clip size, I don't use it.

3. Pipe bomb can deal massive damage in 1 blow, but it take some time until it goes off and explode.

4. You can consider using a high-ground to fight the Tank, in the time he climb, he can't do anything.

5. Incendiary ammo are a good replacement for molotov(if you and your team don't have any).

(*)Bile bomb does confuse the Tank, he will attack the common infected that got covered by the bile. 

So that's all. Hope you guys find this helpful.
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mauro9523 December 2016
Some things are like almost hard to kill a tank and certain things that I think are wrong: 1) Adrenaline is a good idea as long as you run to escape from the tank, or save your teammates, or go on water. 2) Possibly they are good, perhaps the ideal weapon is the ak-47 and that inflicts a lot of damage, but when they are in movement while firing they lose much aim. 3) Molotov yes, but not bile bomb. Since once hit the tank will cause the horde to go against him and those things can happen: If you kill the zombies can not hurt the tank and if the bile effect is going the horde will anger against you. It is better to shoot him when they try to flee in the panic event without being disturbed by the tank. 4, 5, 6 and 7 I have nothing to say. 2-3) Shotguns do an enormous amount of damage from close up, in addition the tank is slowed by the bullets making it a little slower.And the melee weapons are the best way to kill him since you can kill the tank of 20 hits, although of course requires a lot of speed and avoidance. 1 and 4 nothing to say. 3) Never throw pipe bomb, it is a waste since it takes 6 seconds to explode and does not take much damage as the grenade launcher. 1, 2, 4 and 5 nothing to say. Notes: Probably the bile only confuses the players who control the tank, since the bot tank will continue chasing the survivors, even impacted bile. I hope I have contributed something, but equally well by this guide. I wish people would not throw the pipe bomb, because I've seen several do it and it always ends badly and wasted it.
pooro8 December 2016
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