Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

How to use my Super Weapon Script

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

"More damage,More fun!"

Today Guide is how to use my super weapon script,ok lets begin:
1.Download the script
2.Put it at addon
3.You can watch my own super weapon script video if you want to know
4.All guns deals chaos damage
5.Have icon
6.Don't care about horde because your reload speed is fast
7.Scout,MP5,AWP doesn't work so you can modify all files with copy the vpk,go to left4dead2 folder,L4D2 launcher,VPK,paste it and drag it to vpk.exe
8.It won't work if you already have another weapon script
9.Becareful to use incendiary ammo,if you PC spec is low,it will crash.If you have high spec PC it won't crash
10.This mod only work with primary and secondary,so all throwing is still limited
11.You still consider the ammo is limited?now its not,you can kill all the horde with infinite ammo!
I hope enjoy my mod and don't forget my message to you."The chosen one,will be make a new brand day"(Dr.isaac from RE final chapter)


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