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True Infinite Ammo for M60

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Fooling around with scripts, searching for a way to give infinite ammo to the M60 and I found it. Thanks, weapon_chainsaw.txt!

Since I am a generous person, I shall share with you (those still playing and modding L4D2) a gem.

The key to infinite ammo:

After extracting your favorite M60 script, open "weapon_rifle_m60.txt" in Notepad(++) and change the "clip_size" "150" line to "clip_size" "999999999" (12 9s) and ADD THE FOLLOWING LINE JUST BELOW "clip_size" line that you just edited:


Save "weapon_rifle_m60.txt" and repack your addon with VPK Packer. DONE!

No need for reload anim, cuz reloading is skipped entirely!
No need to change ammo type to Pistol or Pistol_Magnum for infinite reserves!
This will work with game_mode.txt edits giving "infinite reserves" for the M60 (those adding "ammo_M60_max	-2" line), in which case "999" will show under the main bullet counter ("250").
When the M60 is picked up, after adding this to your addon, the bullet counter may show "0". Fire off a round, the counter recycles to "250" and will cycle down to "0" and keep cycling as long as you hold the trigger (from 250 to 0, 250 to 0, and so on). If you have your script for M60 with Pistol or Magnum ammo for infinite reserves, the reserve counter will never cycle away from "999". If you do not have infinite reserves script edits (game_mode.txt or weapon_rifle_m60.txt), only the main bullets count shows, cycling down from 250. Either way, this edit works for infinite ammo in a true sense.

Sample on default m60 script, search for "sxorpiologix" to find the lines easily:
WeaponData { // Terror-specific Data -------------------- "VerticalPunch" "2" "SpreadPerShot" "1.6" "MaxSpread" "35" "SpreadDecay" "7" "MinDuckingSpread" "0.5" "MinStandingSpread" "1" "MinInAirSpread" "3" "MaxMovementSpread" "6" "AddonAttachment" "primary" "Team" "Survivor" "Tier" "0" // valid entries are 0, 1, 2 "ResponseRulesName" "M60" // particle muzzle flash effect to play when fired "MuzzleFlashEffect_1stPerson" "weapon_muzzle_flash_assaultrifle_FP" "MuzzleFlashEffect_3rdPerson" "weapon_muzzle_flash_assaultrifle" // model for the shell casing to eject when we fire bullets "EjectBrassEffect" "weapon_shell_casing_rifle" // Used in the music system when this weapon fires "MusicDynamicSpeed" "0.35" "DisplayName" "#L4D_Weapon_M60" "DisplayNameAllCaps" "#L4D_Weapon_M60" "NewInL4D2" "1" // 360 Terror Data "MaxAutoAimDeflection1" "10.0" "MaxAutoAimRange1" "0" //This value determins how "big" a target is for auto aim. If a target is 10.0 units big then it is considered 10.0*scale. //You can think about this value controlling a falloff value on distant targets, the smaller the value the harder it is to hit at a distance. "WeaponAutoAimScale" "1.0" // End Terror-specific Data ---------------- "Rumble" "4" "MaxPlayerSpeed" "230" "WeaponType" "rifle" "WeaponPrice" "3100" "WeaponArmorRatio" "1.4" "CrosshairMinDistance" "4" "CrosshairDeltaDistance" "3" "BuiltRightHanded" "1" "PlayerAnimationExtension" "m4" "CanEquipWithShield" "0" // Weapon characteristics: "PenetrationNumLayers" "2" "PenetrationPower" "50" "PenetrationMaxDistance" "0" // none "Damage" "50" "Range" "3000" "RangeModifier" "0.97" "GainRange" "1500" // range at which to use a gain curve to fall off to zero "Bullets" "1" "CycleTime" "0.11" "TimeToIdle" "1.5" "IdleInterval" "60" // Weapon data is loaded by both the Game and Client DLLs. "printname" "M60" "playermodel" "models/w_models/weapons/w_m60.mdl" "viewmodel" "models/v_models/v_m60.mdl" "CharacterViewmodelAddon" { "Coach" "models/weapons/arms/v_arms_coach_new.mdl" "Mechanic" "models/weapons/arms/v_arms_mechanic_new.mdl" "Producer" "models/weapons/arms/v_arms_producer_new.mdl" "Gambler" "models/weapons/arms/v_arms_gambler_new.mdl" } "anim_prefix" "anim" "bucket" "0" "bucket_position" "0" //"clip_size" "150" //original specs, sxorpiologix "clip_size" "999999999" //infinite ammo specs, sxorpiologix "ITEM_FLAG_NOAUTORELOAD" "1" //infinite ammo specs, sxorpiologix "primary_ammo" "AMMO_TYPE_M60" "secondary_ammo" "None" "weight" "25" "item_flags" "0" "LoadoutSlots" "2" // Sounds for the weapon. There is a max of 16 sounds per category (i.e. max 16 "single_shot" sounds) SoundData { "single_shot" "M60.Fire" "shoot_incendiary" "M60.FireIncendiary" } // Weapon Sprite data is loaded by the Client DLL. TextureData { "weapon" { "file" "vgui/hud/iconsheet_dlc1" "x" "0" "y" "0" "width" "256" "height" "64" } "ammo" { "file" "vgui/hud/iconsheet" "x" "384" "y" "448" "width" "64" "height" "64" } "crosshair" { "file" "sprites/crosshairs" "x" "0" "y" "48" "width" "24" "height" "24" } "autoaim" { "file" "sprites/crosshairs" "x" "0" "y" "48" "width" "24" "height" "24" } } ModelBounds { Viewmodel { Mins "-10 -2 -13" Maxs "30 10 0" } World { Mins "-8 -9 -6" Maxs "29 9 8" } } }


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