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Resolution About Steamworkshopdownloader.com Problem

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Found The Way Out!

Ok, first of all, we got a problem. steam workshop downloader is now make me frustate because it won't allow us to download ANY left 4 dead 2. BUT, don't worry. I finally the way to solve this problem. visit this :


you may this web maybe for gmod but its not. once you already in that website, all need to do is just like usuall, find you favorite l4d2 mod on steam, copy the link and put in the box. the file will zip but don't worry, its simple. after you finished download the mod, extract the file (recommend to extract here because the folder will be doubled). after extract it, copy the mod to addon. don't worry, the mod is work.

I think that's all (sorry for no pic, internet problem --"). Please use it wisely and don't report it. Please help for anyone who mod the l4d2 without steam, you are human right? Please help us. Please don't put some meaning or negative comment. Any comment like that, I won't see it and I won't replied it and I will delete it so, be a nice guy. Before saying, think first then do it. Thank you for understand aaannnddd... Have a nice day! 

Thank you

This is why we can't download it
Thank you mahgawd for telling us. You really helpful :) (btw, I using my phone to screenshot) 


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